12.10.2012 Bulgaria — Denmark, fight after the game

Bulgaria played with Denmark on 12.10.2012. Three days before the match it was well knowed that about 300 danish supporters will be in Sofia. There was a report from Denmark which mentioned that 30 of them are «old faces», who were arrested during Euro 2012, so the bulgarian police to know that.

It was quiet before the game and if you don’t know that there will be match, you can’t find it out.

During the match, there was tension/suspense between Levski Sofia and Beroe supporters. There was a fight between these 2 group while Bulgaria played with Italy on 7.9.2012. Police made their job and stop the 2 groups to fight again.

After the game, a group of about 10 bulgarians are walking near a hotel when they saw 15 danish to drink. After a short fight, which bulgarians won, they take a flag and 2 scarves. One of the bulgarians said that he saw a tattoo of Aalborg, but can not tell if all the danish were supporting this club.

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