17.10.2012 Police in Bulgaria arrested 21 supporters

21 supporters arrested in Bulgaria
21 supporters were arrested today, because of hooligans actions, said the press office of bulgarian police.
Most of them are fans of Levski Sofia, CSKA Sofia and Lokomotiv Sofia.
All the arrested will be transfered to the Sofia District Court for the imposition of appropriate penalties.

Police will use the same video footage, that lead to their arrest, against them in the court. Most of them will get 1 year ban from all kind of sport games.
From the press-office of the police said also, that they will continue their work against the football hooliganism and now they are going to take a close look on the video’s from another 8 matches. There will be new arrests for sure.

These arrests comes just a few days before the biggest derby match in Bulgaria between the Levski Sofia and CSKA Sofia(20.10.2012).

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