20.10.2012 CSKA Sofia — Levski Sofia

CSKA Sofia won the derby on the field, but lose it on the tribunes. That’s the first thing that comes up for the people who watched the game.

Before the match, it was quite normal. No big clashes between the 2 teams supprters. Levski Sofia tried to attack CSKA Fans who used the Metro, but police were there in big number and stopped the attack.
Another try was give a little bit later, when Levski fans attack a bus with red fans. Short fight, a lot of stones and few flares. No info for heavy injured.
The second attack on another bus was stopped again by the police.

During the match, almost all of the pyro was found and get by the riot police.
Press-ofice of the police said that they are amaze how 3 CSKA Sofia fans dressed as a catering firm members and tried to get in the stadium with some boxes full of flares.
Two fans of Levski were arrested for having 6-7 bombs in them, each.
The arrests during the game were not many.

Police also forbidden the choreo of CSKA fans, the motive for that was that on the banners there where things against the Bulgarian Football Union.
The week before the derby, BFU stopped one of the CSKA forwards to play against Levski.

On the other side, there was again a Latin style of choreo, with banners which said «With heart and soul — for Levski Sofia».

A lot of transperants were showed again from both sides. Most interesting of them were the ones from Levski: «Hanged communist with head replaced by CSKA logo» and «Communist centipede» — with a banner of CSKA fan kissing the ass of Milko Balev(ex politic from БКП — Bulgarian communists party/not existing anymore/) who kissing the ass of БКП who smelling the shit.

The most interesting from CSKA was the banner about the friends of Levski.
Levski Sofia are very good friends with Lokomotiv Plovdiv and Lazio, and some groups are also very good friends with Ziga-Zaga from Spartak Moscow, and some other Spartak fans.
The CSKA banner was of fans of 4th clubs in one bathtub with text «Who else doesn’t fit in the Levski’s pussies».

After the match there were few attacks from both sides. Both CSKA and Levski fans try to reach each one, but the big number of riot police stopped every single attack.
At least, there were few «bus-attacking» actions, but no clean fights.

Police are only said the number of the arrested before the game — 14, and still not give info for how many they were during the whole day.

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