04.11.2012 Lokomotiv Plovdiv — Botev Plovdiv

The first Plovdiv’s derby since 3 years end with 2:2 draw.

Sunny day and a good atmosphere in Plovdiv. All around the streets you can smell the upcoming match.

All Botev unite infront of their club stadium and go together to Lauta Park Stadium. A big escort of police were all the time with them, trying to stop any fights between the fans.

4 days before the match, Lauta Hools(Loko Plovdiv) attack Botev fans infront of their training hall. On the same day, they take a big 35 metres banner, which was going to be part of Botev choreography.
A day later, Botev fans made a call with Lauta Hools, asking for fairplay fight, but Lauta Hools ignored it. They were celebrating 20 years birthday at the same time. The answer of Lauta Hools was «We won all the fairplay fights with you, you are our bitches, so we are the one who decide when to fuck you. You know where we are right now, come and fight.»

During the match, there were some pyro from both sides. Atmosphere on stadium was not bad, but many people saw it was kinda not the same amazing one, that was on the past matches between the clubs.

The Lokomotiv choreography was of a banner, where a Loko warrior on horse is fighting some scary canaries(canary is the nickname of Botev).

Botev fans make the exactly same choreo which Loko fans take away from them. «100 years the pride of Plovdiv».

Some transperants were showed on the tribunes also. Loko fans showed to Botev «With anarchy in your souls, with the money of DPS, with turkish sperm in your mouth, in Plovdiv you’ll always be quiet.»

Another one from Loko was a pig and a canary, with stewards clothes, beaten and together with hands, symbolizing the CSKA Sofia and Botev Plovdiv feelings.

Some of the Botev transperants were: «You order pizza — but comes shit», «When and where — but it seems it’s not like this». Second transperant was about the ignored fight. Loko fans have a flag «when and where».

the upside of the banner is drawing of a flag of Loko, with text «The real Maini» Maini is a nickname for the people in Plovdiv. And Botev paint the same as their flag, but add legs and a baloon and transform the text into «The real pussy maini»



Lokomotiv stole a banner on 31.10.2012 from Botev




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