Spartak Moscow lads` story about trip to Kyiv and meeting with Croats from Dynamo Zagreb

interesting events began a day before Dinamo Kyiv — Dinamo Zagreb game. One of muscovites was wandering around on the 2nd of october in the evening in the center of Kyiv and became a witness of fight between 11 croats and 24 kievan. Croats were drinking in a pub, aged ~30yo, tall and looked sports. Then, from two sides come 2 mobs of 12 CSKA fans and merge in one. Croats start to use scum and stand in a row. Ukranians jump on them, croats throw beer cups. Two guys fell on the ground.

Then croats begin to fight back and 3 more kyiv lads fall down. Local fans go a little bit away and regroup. Croats stand in 2 rows, making the width thinner. Ukranians jump again, but suddenly cops appear and come in the epicenter of fight, arresting only locals.

Matchday 03.10.2012
Red-white are travelling abroad the central part of Kyiv, and were found by some local scouts that were uncovered but not touched. After a 1,5 hour excursion in the city red-whites find BBB. 45 guys sere situated near the square entrance, 15 croats were on another side of the road, 5-6 right after the tents and 3-4 in the bar (average 25-35 y.o.). Near the group were some beer bottles.

Red-whites come to croats, showing their hands clean/ Croats group into mob of 70 lads and go towards spartak. Some croats show clean hands without scum, whereas others don`t. Spartak`s jump is met by bottles and russians are a little shocked because they didn`t expect such a party. 4 lads have their heads broken, after 3rd time of being throwed guys despite blood smash into croatian mob. Zagreb meets them with pyro, sticks, bucles and one machete, that wasn`t used proper because the guy that holded it was afraid to go forward.

Croats are regrouped in 3 mobs, 20 croats lay on the ground and moscovites have 2 broken arms because of sticks.

After the next jump of Spartak, most croats go to the opened doors of a small shop. Others are stymied, 15 of them are in the ground.

Then the cops come from the left side using gas and wooden sticks. Tis visit stopped croats from being damaged.

Next red-whites leave the battlefield, crying «Moscow!». In 2 minutes a couple of buses with SWAT come to the square and start to arrest croats.

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