17.10.2012 Poland — England. Legia stole 2 banners

The english wrote posts about their wandering around in Warsaw in number of 100+, the poles stole 2 banners — Sheffield United and West Bromwich. According to one of legionists, the version of the english looks like the version of Widzew Lodz, that typed how they went to Warsaw in 30 autos and didn`t meet anybody.

the English version:
England 40-80 handed in pub in old town for 3-4 hours with no old bill yesterday afew of your funnily dressed lads had a look to never return…. , when did turn up we left to make way to the ground at this point 100+ handed slipped police walked for 20 mins looking for you no one to be found that wanted to know.The ones without tickets had to try rushing the gates just for game to be called off…Let down. Were still best in Europe

The english walking in Warsaw

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